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Click photo to purchase. D.B. Tank Panhard 23rd Le Mans 1 43 Bizarre bz109 Model CarFurry – The Little Penguins That Could has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.

Miracles happened in a Little Town That Would, at the The Little School That Could when a little boy entered Kindergarten. The boy’s name is Mac. 4Ground Jesserai Terrain 28mm Tower Control Module (Pre-Painted) Box MINTHe is a real boy with many challenges, and hidden strengths. Mac’s class was called the Penguin Kindergarten and his teacher, Mrs. C was an incredible teacher with patience, perception, passion, play and persistence. Teacher loves children, stuffies, penguins, and science. Märklin h0 3027 Steam Locomotive BR 44 690 the DB Telex (b1829)

Real miracles happened in a very small town in the USA, in a Kindergarten classroom for a little boy with special needs who found his voice, understanding and friendship. Teacher believes in possibilities.Non Coin Operated Electric Lion Animal Scooter, Plush Mall Ride On Toy

Mac lives with over 110 diagnoses and health issues including fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), a chromosome duplication and a very rare genetic deletion (only 25 known cases). Artitec 20.214.06 DG 30 84 950 0 060-3 Brown Ep. IV NS Netherlands NEU & OVPIn other words, this little guy has a very medically complex life and needs to learn very differently. In addition, his eyes, ears and motor systems struggle to work when he wants them to.RARE Treasure Trek Board Game A Book of Mormon Adventure LDS UNPLAYED UNPUNCHED That means the more he tries the more he can’t.

In Kindergarten, Teacher had an inspiration to use a little Stuffie penguin she named, Snack. The incredible, yet simple idea and their story, birthed something that needed to be shared with the whole world.LOT OF HO TRAIN ANTIQUE PASSENGER CARS MOST ARE FROM KITS SOME ALUMINUM Mac’s mom, Roco 63300 HO Deutsche Reichsbahn Era II BR 36 156 Steam Locomotive NIB Read, the author of Marx 51100 Southern Auto Loader With 2 Studebakers 2 Fords 0-027 and her friend Jodee Kulp, the illustrator and executive director of Better Endings New Beginnings joined forces to create the book, Furry: The Little Penguins That Could and the curriculum.

Furry – The Little Penguins That Could has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.

Oak Pescarolo JUDD LM 2011 bartesi Da Rocha Lazy 1 18 Model s18063 was written to teach about friendship, acceptance, and inclusion. By sharing Mac’s story and it’s accompanying curriculum with children through their schools, communities and families—perhaps, just perhaps the ripples will encourage acceptance and help prevent bullying.Warhammer Chaos Space Marines Myphitic Blight-hauler Well Painted - A1 By teaching understanding, we hope to alleviate the loneliness and trauma children with differences face in their lives. The lack of friendship affects everything. WowWee RS TRIBOT Talking Companion, LARGE, Remote Control Tri-Bot, Item 8042 NEWs.

Today, as Mac shops with his mom or attends events in his community, kids greet Mac.1971 DODGE DEMON AUTO WORLD ERTL 1 18 LIMITED EDITION (ONLY 1002 PRODUCED) Mac is accepted, simply for being Mac in his community. S AMERICAN FLYER 6-48562 24557 US NAVY FLAT CAR ARMY JEEP LOAD - LN ORIG BOXMac’s normal is accepted as normal for Mac and his friends care and like Mac just how he is!


Mrs. C lovingly reads the first chapter of Furry: 64982-ill roco ho car FS CENTOPORTE 1 2 CL EP IV slate lightingThe Little Penguins That Could. A new dynamic Read Together Read Aloud (Shared Reading) book fo children in schools and snuggled with their families and friends. 1 43 SPARK S1731 TYRRELL 008 DIDIER PIRONI 5th MONACO GP 1978

Miracles do happen and a stuffed penguin can become a real Emotional Support Partner (ESP). However, in Furry’s case, he is Mac’s an Emotional Support Penguin.

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